Concrete porch repair

Concrete Porch Repair

After a severe winter this year, we had a lot of work. Damaged bricks, concrete and more …

What was done

  • Some bricks were replaced
  • Concrete pad repaired
  • Original railings put back


Egress window installation

Egress Windows Installation

Client’s basement apartments  needed windows! We installed 3 of them. Do not wait, ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Basement windows

Basement apartments are often very dark. Also the fresh air is important. Think about it before you buy a house or you want to rent such apartment and get some extra money.

Foundation and brick repair - after

Foundation and Brick Repair

The frost from the downpipe caused this damage. Bricks and foundation were repared.

Reasons of frost damages

  •  Poor care of down pipes
  • Poor care of guttering
  • Poor care of your bricks pointing

And many others. Please call us for the FREE expertise before it happens.

Pillars replacement

Pillars Replacement

Wooden pillars were replaced. Rot and mould attacked them and the only solution was to replace them both.


Always take care about wooden elements of your house. Regular inspections, coats of paints can help. But if you see that it’s getting worse – please call us. We can replace pillars, wooden walls etc using bricks or concrete – more relevant material for our Canadian weather.

Stone facing, fireplace - after

Fireplace Stone Facing

The fireplace needed a make over. We used natural stone and exotic wooden board to make it happen.

Advantages of Stone Facing

  • Looks attractive and extraordinary
  • Durable
  • Maintenance free
Window cut out - after

Window Cut Out

Client needed a new window. We chose a place, check plans of the building, cut out the slot and installed a new window. That’s simple, isn’t it?

Benefits of Natural Light

  • Our organism needs light at the right intensity and at the right time of day to act as cues for our internal body clock.
  • Light in the morning helps us wake up.
  • Light is critical for our health. Ensuring that we receive adequate light levels at the appropriate time of day benefits our attitude, mood, productivity and sleep patterns.