Gas fireplace exterior repair/reconstruction

Gas Fireplace Repair

Gas fireplace exterior repair/reconstruction.


Please do not wait until a wall is completely damaged. When your wall has more cracks, it keeps more water and can easily be destroyed during the winter season.

Brick Facing

Brick Facing

It is always nice to have a job done! Brick facing under a terrace.

Brick / Natural Stone

This time the investor decided bricks. But we are able to do different types of facing. The choice is your.


Chimney Repair, North York region, Ontario, Toronto, GTA

Chimney Repair

Often chimneys are destroyed by frost and other bad weather conditions during the winter. Do not hesitate to contact us. We can help with major and minor repairs.

Canadian Winter

Ice storms, frost, snow, rain. All that can cause damages. Especially when after rain we have a temperature below Oº Celcius.


Concrete porch repair

Concrete Porch Repair

After a severe winter this year, we had a lot of work. Damaged bricks, concrete and more …

What was done

  • Some bricks were replaced
  • Concrete pad repaired
  • Original railings put back


Foundation and brick repair - after

Foundation and Brick Repair

The frost from the downpipe caused this damage. Bricks and foundation were repared.

Reasons of frost damages

  •  Poor care of down pipes
  • Poor care of guttering
  • Poor care of your bricks pointing

And many others. Please call us for the FREE expertise before it happens.