Ice Storm

Are you Ready for Ice Storms? 3 Key Steps to Help Stop Ice Dams.

Ice dams and icicles form when snow melts, runs down your roof and refreezes near the edge. This only occurs when part of your roof warms to above 0 degrees celsius, warm enough to melt the snow, while the roof edge remains below freezing. So with the changing weather, the key to preventing ice dams is simply to keep your attic and roof cold.

Inspect your home after a snowfall:
– a cold roof will have a thick blanket of snow.
– a warmer roof will have clear spots where the snow has melted off or icicles are hanging from the eaves.

What causes Ice Dams? Typically inadequate attic ventilation, poorly placed gutters preventing snow and ice from sliding off the roof, or insufficient attic insulation allowing the heated air of the attic to reach the roof deck and melt the snow.

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We can stop Ice Dams in 3 steps – the key is to be proactive:
1. Install Waterproofing Membrane on eaves and in valleys to prevent water from penetrating the roof
2. Improve attic insulation keeping the attic space cool, to reduce the amount of melting snow
3. Improve attic ventilation to ensure that the attic remains cold

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