Freeze-Thaw Damage Masonry Repairs

Restored to original using exact match
Restored to original using exact match

Masonry walls are generally highly durable. However, when masonry walls in cold climates stay too wet for too long, freeze-thaw damage can occur. This issue has particular relevance for energy efficiency retrofits, because the addition of interior insulation causes the masonry to stay colder and have a lower drying potential.

Chimney rebuilding is another common masonry repair. Your chimney is exposed to rain, snow, wind, and sudden changes of temperatures. We will rebuild or repair your chimney to fire code standards including the installation of a fire rated caulking and rain cap.

Northern Building Services has experience in Freeze-Thaw Damage Masonry Repair work. We are a trusted resource within the GTA. Call 905-717-0334 for a free estimate.

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