Why repair masonry damage promptly?

Don’t wait until a small masonry problem turns into a big masonry problem.  Masonry damage should be repaired promptly because it can lead to other problems:

  • Roof leaks
  • Moisture can enter through a damaged brick
  • White (lime-like) marks visible on exterior surfaces

Work done by a masonry specialist can last for decades and often increase a home’s value by restoring the integrity of exterior surfaces and enhancing the curb appeal.

Don’t ignore that crumbling brick

Is your home more than 10 years old? Take a moment to do a walk-around – your chimney, the window sills, doorways, garage doors and piers. See any crumbling brick faces that appear to have fallen off?

Northern Building Services can handle all your masonry needs:
Window sills (brick or stone)
Formed concrete (porches, stairs, walkways, retaining walls)
Chimney repair or rebuild
Brick replacement
Foundation waterproofing