Maintenance Tip: Eaves-trough Cleaning twice a year

As you may know, eaves-troughs are installed to control the flow of water and divert water to a safe location.  But keep in mind that eaves-troughs become very easily clogged and require preventative maintenance 2 times per year:

  • Falling debris such as leaves in the Fall
  • Flowers and seed pods in the Spring and Summer
  • Snow in the Winter
  • Tree branches, bird and animal debris all year-round

Eaves-troughs are part of a home that many owners pay little attention to…until it’s too late!  Avoid costly water damage due to eaves-trough maintenance neglect.

Did you know that the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care encourages regular cleaning of your eavestrough as a means of protection against West Nile Virus?
60% or more of mosquitoes in your neighbourhood come from clogged eaves-troughs, or badly sloped eaves-troughs.

Northern Building Services provides eaves-trough cleaning services in your neighbourhood.  Simply call 905-717-0334.


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