How often should a chimney cleaning be done?

It would depend on how often the system is used, but we do recommend that your chimney is inspected annually. We could then advise you of the chimneys condition, including the masonry, brickwork, firebox, and flue. Quite often a minor repair or use suggestion can save you a costly expense in the future.


We just bought a house, should we have the fireplace inspected or cleaned?

The short answer is:  YES.

A Chimney Repairman should inspect the complete wood burning system including the chimney at roof level. They will be able to properly advise you of any problems and if a chimney cleaning is required. They would also be able to advice on the proper use of the damper and correct wood burning procedures.


How to choose the right roofing company – flashings

In addition to the gutter edge flashing, your roof has flashings at many other critical points. These include fireplaces, the valleys in the roof, around skylights, around plumbing vents and anywhere roof and siding meet. Read more

How to choose the right roofing company – quality sheeting

Sheeting is the solid wood surface that your roof is built on.

How to do it right: You need a firm, weather-resistant and level surface on which to put your new roof. Your existing sheeting is one of the first things we look at when we inspect your house and make up your estimate. The sheeting you now have may be good quality plywood and may be fine.

Be aware that some contractors may bid low by not replacing bad sheeting. You may get a good price, but you may have problems in the future. Similarly, if your contractor offers to replace your sheeting with chip board, press board or oriented strand board (OSB), he’s using a cheap, inferior product not made for exterior use that can swell and break apart when moist. 

On the job: cedar roof repair
On the job: cedar roof repair