Don’t ignore that crumbling brick

Is your home more than 10 years old? Take a moment to do a walk-around – your chimney, the window sills, doorways, garage doors and piers. See any crumbling brick faces that appear to have fallen off?

Northern Building Services can handle all your masonry needs:
Window sills (brick or stone)
Formed concrete (porches, stairs, walkways, retaining walls)
Chimney repair or rebuild
Brick replacement
Foundation waterproofing

How often should a chimney cleaning be done?

It would depend on how often the system is used, but we do recommend that your chimney is inspected annually. We could then advise you of the chimneys condition, including the masonry, brickwork, firebox, and flue. Quite often a minor repair or use suggestion can save you a costly expense in the future.


How to choose the right roofing company – Underlayment

Underlayment is a layer of fabric-like material that is rolled out and stapled to the sheeting. It adds an important level of moisture protection between the shingles and the sheeting.

How to do it right: A high quality underlayment is just as important in preventing leaks as the roofing material itself. Municipal codes require roofing underlayment to meet standards like fire resistance, wind uplift resistance, puncture resistance, and resistance to wind-driven rain. The most widely used underlayment is asphalt impregnated felt. The weight and specifications of the material should be sufficient to provide protection for the life of the roof.